Tuesday, July 27, 2010

preview and recover your deleted files using pandora recovery

pandora recovery allows you to preview and recover recoverable deleted files from ntfs and fat formatted volumes.you can browse deleted files or you can use SEARCH function to find deleted files if you remember following things.

  • file name full or partial
  • file creation date
  • file size
  • last accessed date
Search Deleted  Files
 panda recovery having a following features
  • surface scan
  • recover hidden,archived,compressed and encrypted files
  • recover alternate data streams(ads)
  • recover documents,movies
  • recover success estimate
  • review file properties
  • review drive properties
  • recover network drive,flash drive or local hard drive
  • recognizes fat32,Ntfs,fat16,ntfs5 and ntfs/efs
system in use:
windows xp
windows vista
windows 2003
windows 2000

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