Sunday, August 22, 2010

create a standard and strong password say hackers to bye bye

                             in today's tech world "password"is the common word for its be in use in every technological moments in over life.millions of people using password for secure he/she 's data.a weak password is a good food for hungry if you having a weak or bad password immediate change it.

Want to keep your online data secure? You may need a 12-character password, researchers say.
                                   (image credit:cnn)
dont's in creating password
  • your name,family person name ,celebrity's name or any common names
  • phone no
  • simple characters like 12345
  • password less then 8 char long
do's in creating password
  • first letter capital
  • password is having total 12 character(new-from research)
  • include @,#,$,%,&,*,^,_ in your password 
  • include numbers
so your new password formula is like this

some thoughts for  password:
  • "We've been using a commonly available graphics processor to test the integrity of typical passwords of the kind in use here at Georgia Tech and many other places,Right now we can confidently say that a seven-character password is hopelessly inadequate - and as GPU power continues to go up every year, the threat will increase.Once Nvidia did that, interest in GPUs really started taking off,If you can write a C program, you can program a GPU now."--said Richard Boyd, a senior research scientist at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)

  • "Length is a major factor in protecting against brute forcing a password,A computer keyboard contains 95 characters, and every time you add another character, your protection goes up exponentially, by 95 times."--said by Joshua L. Davis, a GTRI research scientist

  • "Generating a rainbow table takes a long time,But if an attacker wants to crack many passwords quickly, once he's built a rainbow table it might then only take about 10 minutes per password rather than several days." -- said by Carl Mastrangelo, an undergraduate student in the Georgia Tech College of Computing

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