Tuesday, August 17, 2010

install flash player 10.1 in google nexus one phone

now adobe flash player 10.1 supports in google nexus one phone.adobe also announced that they deliver support  for blackberry,MeeGo,LiMo,and a feature version of windows phone 7.

here some  features of adobe flash player 10.1
  • mobile text input:-  you can input text using native device or virtual keyboards
  • multitouch and gestures:-  create multitouch content for a wide range devise.
  • optimized swf management:-  optimize swf playback for mobile CPU
  • accelerometer input:-  its control user input and orientation.
  • H.264 video hardware decoding :--  giving a smooth and high quality video
  • audio hardware decoding:--  reduce CPU load and accelerate audio decoding
  • sleep mode:-  slowing down flash player timer and reduce battery consumption .
  • out-of-memory management:-- automatically prevent out of memory browsers
download adobe flash player 10.1

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