Wednesday, September 15, 2010

copy data from damaged cd or dvd

when your CD or DVD is physically damage by scratch or any cause,some  data on cd\dvd become shows message like "error in copy file" or"file corrupted",so your cd\dvd totally unusefull for you.
you can't able to copy another data which not damage.but dvdisaster allows you to copy your cd\dvd, if you have damaged cd\ will ignore your unreadable  data and copy another files that's not damaged.


working with dvdisaster:
before using dvdisaster some symbol that's you need to know first.

              this symbols indicate that CD is completely error free or some part is damaged in CD.    

        this symbol indicates that ISO image is complete or not

         this symbol shows that error correction in data is required or not.
use dvdisaster to protect CD or DVD:
  • insert your cd\dvd on ROM
  • open dvdisaster select your CD or DVD and give a path for saving image.
  • select parity file and give a location to save a EEC(error corrections) file.
  • select read see option and wait while process.
  • after reading processing finished,click create option to create EEC file. 
download dvdisaster

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