Wednesday, September 8, 2010

how to run exe files in linux

Linux is not friendly in use then xp,because its designed  for industry level purpose.if you new in Linux than you are in trouble that exe files are not install in Linux,so how to install it?
one software available on market called winehq, its really useful for installing exe files on linux.winehq support following Linux systems. 

ubuntu       debian           redhat           suse           mandriva        slackware           freebsd       pc-bsd     opensolaries
Ubuntu linux  Debian Linux     RedHat Linux SUSE Linux Mandriva Linux           Slackware linux     FreeBSD      FreeBSD         OpenSolaris

how to work with winehq?
  1. first go to winehq
  2. select your version of Linux
  3. each Linux system having different type of installation process,follow process for your Linux system.
  4. after installing winehq you are ready to use it.just right click on your exe file,select run with winehq.
  5. and you can now ready to use exe files as per xp style.
warning:some times big exe files not run in winehq.

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  1. amazing idea,
    i tried it , it solves lots of headaque,
    thanks a lot , enjoy it ,share it.


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