Thursday, October 28, 2010

make blogger post more beautiful using google docs

wordpress is providing good facilities for writing post.most of useful  writing tools are available in wordpress .but blogger not have enough tools as compare to wordpress.using google docs you can solve this problem and make your blog post more beautiful.

why use google document creator:

use google document creator  because you can't find some writing feature that's available in google docs but not in blogger.see witch feature is great in google docs.

insert table:using this tool you can add custom table in your post.this tool is useful for writing prices of any products or providing list of anything you want.

word count:you can count how many word you written in your post and can control length of your post.

drawing:you can draw cartoons or anything related your post and you can able to add some ready shapes  like rectangle,circle etc in your post.

special characters: help you to add some special characters that's not available in your keyboard like different type's of arrows.

horizontal line:you can divide your post in some parts using this horizontal line.

find and replace:you can find any word mistaken by you and able to replace all word in one click.

equation:add mathematical equation and solve problems .

how to publish post in blogger: 
just copy post you written in google docs an paste it in blogger post or go to file>download as and select html(zipped) option in google docs and unzip file in your desktop ,copy html code and paste it in your blogger new post>edit html ,and publish it on your blog.


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