Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to disable laptop touchpad while typing on keyboard

some tricks thats allows you to Disable laptop touchpad when you typing on keyboard .
When you writing anything on laptop than some times your hand touches to  touchpad mouse  so cursor is moving and you typing at another place in your notepad or else where.

It's diffuse your mind from typing , so there are some couple of tricks that's allows you to disable your laptop touchpad.

some companies now provide button to turn on or off your laptop touchpad so you can simple use it when you typing on keyboard.

In xp you can simple disable touch pad by going control panel -> mouse properties -> and select"disable touch pad when USB pointing device is present ".

If  you using Linux than go to system -> mouse  -> touchpad  -> and select " disable touchpad while typing " .

touchfreeze the powerful project hosted on google code that's automatically disable your touch pad while you typing on keyboard.you can download it  here .

touchpad blocker is also useful application that's provide many options to block touchpad . you can also set time to block touchpad.

Like touchfreeze one another application called touchpadpal that's also disable your touchpad automatically when you typing.

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