Wednesday, December 15, 2010

some google alerts tricks help you to get useful stuff for your blog

google alerts is a powerful tool for blog competitors to find good stuff for their blogs.they sent alerts by email when they find new result on web that's match to your search term.

their are some tricks to catch  wonderful  alerts from web. 

google alerts trick 1: get latest news on your favorite person or team

if you want  to track latest news about "bill gates" or if you want to track latest news about "Indian cricket team" than create following alert.
"bill gates" OR "Indian cricket team" [type:news][how often:as-it-happens]

trick 2: track new posts on your favorite blog
to track latest posts on then create following alert [type:blogs][how often:as-it-happens]

trick 3: track news from whole class of site
 to track specific  term on government sites or educational site
term site: .gov OR term site: .edu [type:news][how often:as-it-happens]

trick 4: monitor specific product on web
"product" [type:everything][how often:as-it-happens]

trick 5: to find what people say about you
"your name"[type:news][how often:as-it-happens]

if you having a same name that match another popular person  than exclude that person category like if my name is "Darren rowse" than i create following alert.
"Darren rowse" -problogger [type:news][how often:as-it-happens]

trick 6: to find specific companies products
to find products of yahoo than create following alert
yahoo * [type:everything][how often:once a day]

trick 7: to track news from specific location 
"builders" location:USA [type:news][how often:as-it-happens] 

Extra tips :
  • google include some extra stuff on your alerts which you don't want. to reduce it use + immediately before word ,its Say's google to find exactly what you say.
  • google lets you to create 1000 alerts so use "OR" between words to get more useful stuff in one alert.
  • always select "only the best result" on volume so you can get more accurate result about your topics.
  • always check your spelling before creating alerts.
  • to receive quick updates on alerts than select "Realtime" on type.

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