Sunday, December 19, 2010

Now chat - play games -create meetings with your friends using google shared space

google labs rolls out  a new easy way to share mini applications to your friends and colleagues called google shared spaces.
share space with me

Its a simple design of google labs to create a space and share a gadget which is already available in their gallery or you able to create new gadget if you know JavaScript properly.

what should  you do with google shared space?
  • you can chat with your colleagues at a same time
  • play two player games with your friends
  • find out your friends or followers opinions using poll gadget
  • make a painting with your friends
  • create meetings and see who coming or not.
  • share a place in google map where you want to meet.
  • insert,resize and annotate images from web.
  • insert various charts into wave
How to use google shared space?
step 1: find a gadget or submit your own  here
step 2: create a space for your gadget
step 3: share the space using email,google buzz or tweet.
Request to participate in discussion group of google shared space here

google shared space | thanks Steve Rubel

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