Saturday, December 18, 2010

what's your iq? test your intelligence online

If you want to check what's your IQ and how it's compare to other peoples,than here simple list's of websites that can do it for you.
test iq online

iqleague: its a simple website ,where you can start your IQ test in just one click.from IQ score they define smartest  - human,country,city,website,browsers,OS etc in world.

giqtest: here you have to give 20 to 45 minutes test.Through giqtest you can check Discover and Compare your mental strength and weaknesses and can find out if could qualify high IQ society like Mensa.

Testq: it's a big quizzes website where you can find various categorized have to give here answers for various categorized questions  like how you Deal with customers? and you can check here your IQ by choosing various options. like above websites here also you can check your IQ but here one awesome feature is that you can make your IQ profile.that include all your IQ data like Arithmetic to general IQ.

Tip: if you want to check your real IQ than don't use any material or Internet to find answers.Give answers of  all questions as per your thought.

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