Saturday, May 28, 2011

gPodder– The Smart podcast consumption

gpodder is a smart podcast application which Download free Audio and Video content from internet which  you will able to watch on your computer or on The Go.


gpodder supports windows and most  of Linux operating system like Ubuntu,Red hat,fedora etc.

Its an RSS aggregator Which can able you to subscribe your podcast.

gpodder supports iPod,mp3 player , mobile phone and its easily able you to subscribe  YouTube.Its open source and easily plays well with Panucci podcast player.

Eric Le Lay has been working on modding gPodder to work as a normal RSS reader for non-podcast news feeds. As announced on gpodder-devel this week.

Download Latest version of gpodder From below table.

Distribution Command/URL Packager
image  Ubuntu

Download gPodder 2.15
from the Ubuntu gPodder PPA

Thomas Perl
image Debian apt-get install gpodder Tony Mancill
image Gentoo emerge media-sound/gpodder Hanno Böck
image Fedora yum install gpodder Jeff Spaleta
image open SUSE One-Click Install (Info page) Pascal Bleser
FreeBSD pkg_add -r gpodder Frank Steinborn

Download gPodder 2.15
for Windows XP/Vista/7

Thomas Perl
imageN800 and N810 gpodder in Maemo Extras Thomas Perl
Maemo 5 (N900) gPodder in Maemo Select Thomas Perl
Mac OS X MacPorts entry Eric Le Lay

gpodder Blog|gpodder review

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