Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Create Beautiful Portraits Using Your DNA OR Fingerprint Sample

If you want to give something special and unique gift to your friend than you can try this interesting gift.you can call it ‘"DNA SAMPLE” OR “DNA PICTURE’’ OR “DNA FINGERPRINT” OR “DNA PORTRAITS”.

Fingerprint is a unique design that’s given to every human by God.DNA 11 Lets help you to create truly personalized unique custom art using your DNA sample.you can Hang it to your sitting room or in office .

DNA sample


First you have to buy your package from DNA11 site(They provides DNA portraits,Fingerprint portraits and kiss portraits).Than they'll send you a DNA collection kit.In This kit they'll give you all instruction about their process.They'll also provide you special swab using it you can take your DNA sample from your mouth.(Detailed instruction they gives you in kit about how to take DNA sample from your mouth or how to take your fingerprint.)

After taking your DNA sample you have to send Them back to their address.They will extract your DNA sample run it on gel and Digitally enhance,customize and Send you back.You receive it after 4 to 5 weeks from date you sent your DNA sample.

As per DNA 11 privacy policy they are very strict in their procedure and they gives guarantee that your personal information and samples are absolutely secure.The best thing is that DNA 11 ship their product world wide without extra shipping charges.

This is a beautiful DNA water wall that combines the owner’s unique DNA with the serene sounds of rushing water.

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