Monday, June 6, 2011

How to know when your Email Get Read

Some times we send an Email to our friend and we start thinking that "Has he or she read my email yet?".Now you Reminded when your recipient opens your email with help of spypig.

spypig is Free email tracking system That send you notification when your recipient opens your email.Its works with most of email programs like yahoo mail,Gmail,Hotmail,AOL,outlook etc. spypig

SpyPig can tell you where your recipient is located geographically when he/she opens your email. The accuracy is approximately 98% on the country level and 70% on the city level for US cities.

"During this rough economy, I have submitted hundreds of resumes. I often wondered if the recipients didn't like my resume or didn't see it. SpyPig allows me to determine how long after I've submitted my resume my email is opened as well as the number of times it has been viewed. It makes me feel a little better when I submit to job after job after job and get no response. Since I've been using SpyPig, I've noticed a TON of my resumes have never even been opened. That makes me feel a lot better. So now when I don't hear back about a job, I know many of them didn't even see my resume and I don't have to feel bad for not getting a call back. Thanks SpyPig."Said by Michelle,user of spypig.

How To use spypig:

There are some simple steps to use spypig

  • simply Go to spypig home page where you can see spypig factory
  • enter your email and message title
  • select spypig tracking image or you can simply upload your own image as a tracking image.
  • click  to "create my spypig" button.
  • copy and paste this spypig image to your email.

Its over now you receive notification email when your email is read,you have to check  spam folder also for notification email.

Some Limitation:

  • Both you and the recipient must use an HTML-formatted email, not a plain-text or rich-text formatted email.
  • SpyPig does not know if the email has been opened when The recipient disables or blocks the automatic image download on their email application.


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  1. Spypig is great service, I love it! I personally using both spypig and when I send out my resume :)


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