Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How To Use Appointment Slots in Google calendar

If you are a Doctor and you have lots of patients,than how you meet all them and solve their problems,simple you will give them appointments and they start coming as time is given by you.

But this is also carrying your time to give an Appointment time,its so critical,so how to solve them?you can solve it by using a new Google calendar feature called Appointment Slots.

The Appointment slots feature lets you set time slots on your calendar that other people can book,so you can simply update that at which time you are busy and your patients can book their appointments,its make your life more easy.

How to create Appointment Slots:

First sign in to your Google calendar account and click anywhere on calendar,This will popup a menu select option “Appointment Slots”.

Fill all fields properly ,Enter your appointment slot title in ‘What’ field.select type of appointment and if it is single then select “offer a single appointment slot” or you can select time you want.

After all click on “Create Slots” button and you have done.you can also able to edit it later.

How can people see you appointment calendar page?

Google providing personal signup page to all Google calendars.you can simple embed it to your website or you can Email URL to all your users.you can see this URL in “Edit Details”.

If you are a Google Apps user and you want to book Appointment using Appointment Slots feature than you have to converted your old Google Apps infrastructure to new one.if you have not done than you can do this by connecting your Domain Administrator.

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