Sunday, June 26, 2011

Install Some Great Sidebar Gadgets In Gmail

Sidebar Gadgets is a Great hotel where can you get some spicy food at one place.I mean Gmail is not only for reading email and chatting with friends you can make your Gmail account more interesting using some sidebar gadgets.

For example you can quick update your  twitter status ,  access your Google Docs Documents ,Shorten URL and can arrange your time using Google Calendar.All this you can Do inside your Gmail accounts.

If  you want to use Sidebar Gadgets than first enable it from Gmail setting page.

How To Enable Gmail Sidebar Gadget:

Go to your Gmail account setting page –>labs  and enable Sidebar gadget than save your changes. After that you can see  Gadgets Tab in your Gmail account setting page.

Now you can add Gadgets from your public profile or from  friend can also add Gadgets  from iGoogle Gadgets directory.Simply browse Gadget which you like and copy URL from address bar after ‘url=’ parameter.


Include ‘Http://’ before This copied URL and go to your Gmail setting page and paste it in your gadget tab field and add it.


Most of iGoogle Gadgets are work Good in Gmail but Some Gadgets are not designed for Gmail so some times its not work.

Some useful Sidebar Gadgets:

No Gadget Name Works URL
1 Google Calculator Calculate instant While reading your Email .
2 Twitter View tweets by your friends and tweet From your Gmail account.
3 Digg trace Hot Diggs from people
4 Wikipedia view query from your Gmail accounts.
5 Remember The milk Get noticed for your Task.
6 Facebook Access your Facebook account from Gmail.
7 URL Shorten Shorten long URL for tweets or for any use .
8 Google calendar Organize events from your Gmail .
9 PolyClock Browse world clock .

Currency Converter

Converts currency in Real time.

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