Thursday, July 14, 2011

E-note LCD writing Tablet–Take a Note on Screen

We love to Take a Useful note in our daily life especially for bloggers who requires to take down notes from internet.

There are many devices like mobile,iPhone and laptop are available for you to take down notes but one special device we say it “wow” to write on LCD screen called e-note Tablet.

e-note Tablet is a looks like beauty and its also more comfortable in writing notes.However you can write and also erase your notes by just single click on button.

It’s more sensitive and gives you quick response,you can also draw images and smiles.

If you environment lover than must use e-note Tablet because it saves 50,000 papers.And the most WOW feature is that the battery remains charged up to 5 years.

The tablet is 141 x 220 x 6mm in dimension and having 113 g weight.You can get it in only US $52.

e-note Tablet

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