Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Create Combine PDF Using Adobe Portfolio Function

Think you are a Employee of One company and your boss said you to send Dozens of legal PDF formatted  Documents to “XYZ” company than what should you do?

One option is that You will make one Zip file and add all PDF documents in it and Send it to company.Another option is you use Combine Single PDF function in adobe reader to compose your file in ordered list and make one single PDF file.

In Combine Single PDF function You can Mix Different page size in one single PDF and can rearrange it By simply Drag and Drop.But It is Good To be in  Legal Documents?because in legal Document we require all Documents separately.The solution for it is PDF PORTFOLIO.

PDF Portfolio function lets you  make separated files in one single pdf and gives your file  one professional look and it is so simple to use.

It supports in Adobe PDF version 9 and 10.You can see separated files at bottom,If you want to show a preview of it than simply click on thumbnail.See Training Courses Portfolio for Example.

How To Make Adobe PDF Portfolio

Step 1 : Open Adobe reader (version 9 or 10).

Step 2: Go to file menu and select create –>combine file into single pdf

Step 3 : after that one window will appear . chose files to combine from this window and select option PDF Portfolio above righter site of window.

Step 4:Next another one Box appears where you able to select multiple choice select “Convert all files to pdf when creating portfolio”.You can also add links and videos to your portfolio.

After file opened portfolio interface will appear.You can do many things here like add YouTube videos,change background colour of portfolio,Create header etc.

Now your adobe file looks more beautiful and customizable then zipped file.Its gives an unique impression in companies.Try it today!

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  1. As you click the Merge button, the software starts combining the listed files in the given order. Once the process to combine PDF is completed, you can access the merged file from the location where you have saved it. This way portable document format files can be combined into a single portable document format file.


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