Friday, July 15, 2011

ZIP and RAR Files Now Supported by Google Docs Viewer

Until Now Google Docs help us to View images,documents and other types of Formats directly online ,Now They added ZIP and RAR files also in their support list.

When someone send you ZIP or RAR file by mail than maybe It is fake or they sent you anything which you don’t like to save on your computer than you can simply view it on Google Docs Viewer.

However you can also view zip files which are on internet by simply pasting URL of zip file in Google Docs Viewer.

Upload zip files on google docs

google docs zip file view

You can see Size of files and number of files on Sidebar.Google Docs Viewer gives you list of files which is in zip folder.They enabled this feature for mobile also.

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  1. Thanks Salman. Often I am blocked by my lack of knowledge about technical questions, so I need to bookmark your blog and come back here often for learning! :)


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