Monday, October 31, 2011

Google Rolls Out new Fresh Design of Reader

After Changes in news,blogger and Gmail Google rolls out new fresh design of reader also.
In this new fresh look Reader all the social features are gone away and +1 takes place.By clicking this +1 button you add the page to your Google profile and after clicking "share on Google + "you can share it to your Google + friend circle.

In this new look +1 is replaced by "like" and share is replaced by "share with Note".

Google says "Adding a note when sharing an item is a great way to let people know why you find a particular item interesting, relevant, or funny. To share an item with a note, just click the +1 button from underneath the item. You'll then be given the option to include any comments you might have in the Google+ share box. Your +1 will be public, but your notes in the share box will be only show up for circles and friends you’ve selected. It’s easy to decide who gets to see what you share -- just take a look at the area right above the green share button to add and remove circles as you wish. If you want to share the item to your circles without publicly +1’ing the item, you can use the share box in the Google+ bar. Just Share on the right side of the black bar that runs across the top of all Google products, and add in your notes along with the link you’d like to share."

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