Friday, December 30, 2011

Construction is begun of $16 million law office in las vegas

Civil engineers always known for building a new and expansive construction,one new example of construction is law office in las vegas.

 St. Louis-based The Korte Co. has begun construction on a law office in Las Vegas of a $16 million.

"The overall project calls for a 128,000-square-foot facility, including a three-story office building built above four levels of on-site parking. The office building, called the EVAPS Law Office Building, will be modeled after a federal period design and be 55,000 square feet. Las Vegas-based DesignCell is the architect."said by Matthew Hibbard Reporter of  St. Louis Business Journal .

 Korte co. Expected to complete this bigger project in 2013.It is one of the largest private companies in the region with 2010 revenue of $268 million.

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