Saturday, December 17, 2011

General Building Requirements For Development Of Low Cost Housing

For Construction of house of socially and economically backward class people Following Points to be taken in mind.

  1. Minimum height of plinth shall be 30 cm.
  2. Maximum floor space index (FSI) Permissible shall be 1.8
  3. Size of  living room and bed room shall not be less than 8 sq mts and minimum widths of 2.4 mts.
  4. Size of independent Bath-room and w.c shall be 0.9 sq.mts and minimum width of 0.9 mts each.
  5. Size of Combined bath room and and w.c shall be 1.8 mts and minimum width of 1 mts.
  6. Minimum Height of Room :  Living and kitchen - 2.4 mts , Bath,w.c,Corridor - 2.1 mts .
  7. For Slopping roof average height of roof shall be 2.1mts and minimum height of the eaves shall be 2.4 mts.
  8. minimum slope of roof shall be 30 Degree for G.I ,asbestos or tiled sheets and for R.C.C 12 Degree.

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