Monday, December 26, 2011

How to Use X,Y Coordinate System In Autocad

What is X,Y coordinate system:
In Language of maths X,Y coordinate systems gives us exact location of point in plane and its sign.Using it we draw more accurate drawing in Autocad.It is also known as world coordinate system.

 There are three types of world coordinate system.
  •  Absolute coordinates:  Its gives exact location of point in plane.we can use it by adding value of X and Y coordinates and pressing enter.
  • Relative coordinates: Its a point which entered relative to another point,@ symbol are use for relative coordinates.
  • polar coordinates: Its use for draw next point at specific angle,we can use it by entering @distance<angle.

Bottom Line:

For Absolute:X,Y[ENTER]
       Relative : @X,Y[ENTER]

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