Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lockitron Helps You To Unlock Door From Your Phone

What Should You do if you are out side of your city and your Guest or friends comes to your home?What should you do when you are  not at your home and some incident Happens just like fire at your home and your neighbour informs you about that and there are requirement to open a door quickly?.

Don’t worry ! Technology Is now with you.You can open Your door from anywhere in the world.

Lockitron  a Product By Apigy Helps You to control your door lock from smartphone or any type of phones.

How Lockitron Works?

It is so simple to use lockitron.Just you have to order Lockitron deadbolt model from here , Which Available In starting price of $295.

Install Lockitron As per Guides is given in booklet which Takes only 15 minutes.Lock Have Ethernet cable with it,Plug it in your broadband.

Now Install Lockitron apps in Your smartphone Which Talks with Lockitron server and which says to door for lock or unlock .If apps is not compatible with your mobile then you can also send a message to Lockitron server which also works good.

Lockitron Gives their service internationally and provides full email support and 90 days telephone support.

Here are Short Video Which Introduce Basic of Lockitron.

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