Monday, February 20, 2012

USB Typewriter For Tablets, ipads and Computers

Are You missing your old typewriter with beautiful keys and which gives you a Good  feeling of typing?USB Typewriter Replaces your old typing days with Morden Technology.

usb typewriter

You can joint USB Typewriter with Laptop,Desktop,ipad and Tablet which gives you real enjoyable feeling of typing and the beautiful things is that you have Advance functions also like ese,ctrl,alt,back space,arrow keys etc.

USB Typewriter are available on Etsy store in $699.They also offer one DIY kit in $ 74 which replace your old Typewriter with new one.They provides proper instruction to convert your Typewriter to USB Capable.

USB Typewriter

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  1. Interesting to read. It sounds so innovative. Well done!


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