Thursday, March 22, 2012

Change Social Network Settings From One Place

BlissControl Is Internet Based Service which help us to change our social network settings from one place.

In simple word it is a directory of links which Redirect us on proper page to change our selected settings,they just redirect us so not worry about a privacy.

You can change your profile picture,bio,password,username,email,mobile settings and other more 6 settings.


They supporting 13 popular social network sites so you can change your setting easily from BlissControl.

To use BlissControl you no need to require login,just select your action and website where you want to perform it and than click on Go Box.

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  1. is also a great portal that helps us checking profiles availability on more than 500 social networking sites just for free and they also let us to claim the profiles for half the price of knowem or Namechk.


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